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Introducing T24Global’s eLearning self-service course on Business Process Orientation in the Retail Industry. This comprehensive course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of retail business processes. From supply chain management to customer service, participants will gain a deep understanding of the key processes and best practices that drive success in the retail industry. Join us today to enhance your expertise and excel in this dynamic sector.

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Lessons Included


PR004618 – Product Recall Management and Response Process, in Retail

PR004617 – Store Renovation and Remodeling Management Process, in Retail

PR004616 – Mobile Retail Payment Solutions Integration Process, in Retail

PR004615 – Retail Space Lease Negotiation Process, in Retail

PR004614 – In-store Customer Analytics and Insights Process, in Retail

PR004613 – Merchandise Return Authorization and Processing Process, in Retail

PR004612 – Green Retailing and Sustainable Practices Process, in Retail

PR004611 – Personalized Shopping Experience Implementation Process, in Retail

PR004610 – Inventory Shrinkage Prevention and Control Process, in Retail

PR004609 – Promotional Display Design and Execution Process, in Retail

PR004608 – Consumer Feedback Analysis and Action Process, in Retail

PR004607 – Inventory Obsolescence and Clearance Strategy Process, in Retail

PR004606 – Store Layout Optimization for Customer Experience Process, in Retail

PR004605 – Price Matching and Competitor Analysis Process, in Retail

PR004604 – Visual Merchandising Plan Execution Process, in Retail

PR004603 – E-commerce Order Fulfillment and Shipping Process, in Retail

PR004602 – Product Assortment Planning and Optimization Process, in Retail

PR004601 – Store Inventory Auditing and Accuracy Process, in Retail

PR004600 – Omni-channel Retail Integration Process, in Retail

PR004599 – Customer Loyalty Program Management Process, in Retail

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