T24Global understands that consulting guidance is key for enacting any key transformation. Ideas needs to be structured, quantified for benefits and thereafter presented with right business case to management .

T24Global team can help with following activities across CX, Sales, Service, Order Entry, Order Managment, FPA and Procurement processes . 

  1. Process Assessment 
  2. UX Design Needs Assessments – Customer Journey Needs
  3. Technology Architecture Gaps
  4. Data Strategy
  5. Define Target Operating Model
  6. Document Business Case

We dont believe that mature consultants needs half-a -year to deliver outputs.. With our managed consulting services, we strive to deliver output fast, in weeks or max in two months time.

Typical consulting areas which we can deliver with 15+ yrs consultants, in a managed consulting model:

  1. Front Office – Marketing, Sales and Service Process
  2. Middle Office – Quote to Cash or Order to Cash process
  3. Back Office – Finance AR and AP process
  4. CRM, eCommerce, ERP and Portals integrated architecture

For quick engagement, contact support@T24 Global.com .

Hire Consultants @ USD 9500, per month
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