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Introducing T24Global’s eLearning self-service course on Defense Industry Business Process Orientation. This comprehensive course is designed to equip professionals in the defense industry with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and navigate complex business processes. From procurement to logistics and project management, our course provides a deep understanding of the industry’s unique operational framework. Join us to enhance your expertise and streamline your organization’s processes for optimal efficiency and success.

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Lessons Included


PR004904 – Naval Ship Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) Operations Process, in Defense

PR004903 – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Surveillance and Reconnaissance Data Analysis Process, in Defense

PR004902 – Electronic Warfare System Data Backup and Recovery Process, in Defense

PR004901 – Special Forces Reconnaissance and Infiltration Process, in Defense

PR004900 – Aircraft Electronic Warfare Systems Maintenance Process, in Defense

PR004899 – Ballistic Missile Defense System Operation and Maintenance Process, in Defense

PR004898 – Military Satellite Communication System Integration Process, in Defense

PR004897 – Naval Ship Weapon System Maintenance and Testing Process, in Defense

PR004896 – Cybersecurity Policy and Procedure Development Process, in Defense

PR004895 – Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Management Process, in Defense

PR004894 – Naval Ship Propulsion System Efficiency Improvement Process, in Defense

PR004893 – Electronic Warfare System Configuration Management Process, in Defense

PR004892 – Special Forces Intelligence Gathering Process, in Defense

PR004891 – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Payload Integration Process, in Defense

PR004890 – Electronic Warfare System Reliability Analysis Process, in Defense

PR004889 – Military Robot Operation and Maintenance Process, in Defense

PR004888 – Naval Ship Communication System Maintenance Process, in Defense

PR004887 – Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment Process, in Defense

PR004886 – Military Helicopter Maintenance and Overhaul Process, in Defense

PR004885 – Unmanned Maritime Vehicle (UMV) Operation and Maintenance Process, in Defense

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