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Biotechnology – Business Process Orientation Course for Biotechnology industry – Mega Course for Domain Expertise – CR002726

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Industry – Biotechnology

Welcome to the Biotechnology – Business Process Orientation Course, developed by T24Global! In this comprehensive eLearning course, we will delve into the key responsibilities, related business process dependencies, key industry compliances, enterprise resources leveraged by role, key metrics, and strategies to increase productivity within the field of biotechnology.

Biotechnology is a rapidly evolving industry that merges biology with technology to develop innovative solutions for various sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and environmental preservation. As professionals in this field, it is crucial to have a strong understanding of the key responsibilities associated with different roles and how they contribute to the overall success of biotechnology organizations.

Throughout this course, we will explore the various business processes that are integral to the biotechnology industry. By understanding these processes, you will gain insights into how different departments and functions within an organization depend on each other to achieve organizational goals. This knowledge will enable you to collaborate effectively with colleagues and contribute to the seamless functioning of your organization.

Furthermore, we will delve into the key industry compliances that biotechnology professionals must adhere to. Compliance with regulations and standards is vital in ensuring the safety, efficacy, and ethical conduct of biotechnological activities. By familiarizing yourself with these compliances, you will be equipped to navigate the regulatory landscape and maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity in your work.

In addition, this course will provide an overview of the enterprise resources leveraged by different roles in the biotechnology industry. From laboratory equipment and software to research databases and intellectual property, understanding these resources will enable you to optimize their utilization and enhance your productivity.

Finally, we will explore key metrics used in the biotechnology industry to measure performance and progress. By monitoring and analyzing these metrics, you will be able to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to increase productivity and efficiency.

We are excited to embark on this learning journey with you and equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the field of biotechnology. Let’s get started!


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Lessons Included


PR004118 – CRISPR-Cas12 and CRISPR-Cas13 Applications Process, in Biotechnology

PR004117 – Plant Tissue Culture and Micropropagation Process, in Biotechnology

PR004116 – Epigenetic Modification Studies Process, in Biotechnology

PR004115 – Immunotherapy Development Process, in Biotechnology

PR004114 – Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS) Process, in Biotechnology

PR004113 – Pharmaceutical Biomanufacturing Process, in Biotechnology

PR004112 – Biopesticide Development Process, in Biotechnology

PR004111 – Insect Resistance in Crops Process, in Biotechnology

PR004110 – Drug Formulation and Delivery Process, in Biotechnology

PR004109 – Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Process, in Biotechnology

PR004108 – Hybridoma Technology Process, in Biotechnology

PR004107 – Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism Studies Process, in Biotechnology

PR004106 – Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Regulation Process, in Biotechnology

PR004105 – Environmental Bioremediation Process, in Biotechnology

PR004104 – Artificial Organ and Tissue Development Process, in Biotechnology

PR004103 – Gene Therapy Development Process, in Biotechnology

PR004102 – Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics Process, in Biotechnology

PR004101 – Genomic Editing in Agriculture Process, in Biotechnology

PR004100 – Enzyme Engineering and Production Process, in Biotechnology

PR004099 – In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Techniques Process, in Biotechnology

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