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Manufacturing – Business Process Orientation Course for Manufacturing industry – Mega Course for Domain Expertise – CR002691

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Industry – Manufacturing

Welcome to the Manufacturing – Business Process Orientation Course, developed by T24Global! In this comprehensive eLearning course, we will delve into the key responsibilities, related business process dependencies, key industry compliances, enterprise resources leveraged by role, key metrics, and strategies to increase productivity in the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing is a complex industry that requires a deep understanding of various business processes and their interdependencies. This course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate these processes efficiently and effectively. Whether you are a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills, this course will provide you with invaluable insights.

Throughout this course, you will gain a clear understanding of your key responsibilities as a manufacturing professional. We will explore the core business processes that underpin the manufacturing industry, such as procurement, production planning, inventory management, quality control, and logistics. By understanding these processes and their dependencies, you will be able to contribute to the smooth functioning of your organization.

Moreover, this course will delve into key industry compliances that manufacturing professionals need to adhere to. We will explore regulations and standards such as ISO certifications, environmental sustainability, health and safety protocols, and ethical practices. By understanding and complying with these industry standards, you will contribute to the overall success and reputation of your organization.

Additionally, we will discuss the enterprise resources leveraged by different roles within the manufacturing industry. From enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to manufacturing execution systems (MES), you will learn how to effectively utilize these tools to streamline operations and improve productivity.

Throughout the course, we will also emphasize the importance of key metrics in measuring performance and driving continuous improvement. You will learn how to identify and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to the manufacturing industry, and how to use this data to make informed decisions and drive positive change.

Lastly, this course will provide you with strategies and best practices to increase productivity in the manufacturing sector. From optimizing production processes to implementing lean manufacturing principles, you will gain practical insights that can be applied directly to your work environment.

We are excited to embark on this learning journey with you and look forward to helping you develop a solid foundation in manufacturing business process orientation. Let’s get started!


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Lessons Included


PR003934 – Recycling and Waste Management Process, in Manufacturing

PR003933 – Employee Training and Development Process, in Manufacturing

PR003932 – Factory Layout and Design Process, in Manufacturing

PR003931 – Supplier Audits Process, in Manufacturing

PR003930 – Inventory Optimization Process, in Manufacturing

PR003929 – Environmental Health and Safety Process, in Manufacturing

PR003928 – New Product Introduction Process, in Manufacturing

PR003927 – Data Analytics and Reporting Process, in Manufacturing

PR003926 – Cost Management Process, in Manufacturing

PR003925 – Customer Satisfaction Process, in Manufacturing

PR003924 – Regulatory Compliance Process, in Manufacturing

PR003923 – Product Testing and Validation Process, in Manufacturing

PR003922 – Capacity Planning Process, in Manufacturing

PR003921 – Energy Efficiency Process, in Manufacturing

PR003920 – Root Cause Analysis Process, in Manufacturing

PR003919 – Continuous Improvement Process, in Manufacturing

PR003918 – Process Automation Process, in Manufacturing

PR003917 – Supply Chain Optimization Process, in Manufacturing

PR003916 – Product Lifecycle Management Process, in Manufacturing

PR003915 – Supplier Relationship Management Process, in Manufacturing

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